Public Relations and Bird Control

The public relations (PR) aspects of any bird control operation must be carefully considered before any such work commences.  PR is best defined as “the management of reputation”, and it is important that PR activities are geared towards putting the client company, contractors etc., in a good light, emphasising the need for pest control, and highlighting the safeguards in place.

Bird control evokes a wide range of public opinion and emotions.  While some people consider that humans should actively encourage birds, others feel equally strongly that some birds are a nuisance and a potential health hazard, and that the bird population needs to be managed.

Reactions to bird control vary for many reasons, not least the type of operations being carried out to reduce the avian pest problem.  Where this involves lethal control methods (poisoning, shooting etc.), the public reaction can be extremely strong, and definitely not in favour of such work.  However, where the methods used are not of a lethal nature, the vast majority of stakeholders can be brought on-side, and the use of birds of prey to clear problem avian species, without killing them, can result in considerable positive media coverage.

The Bird Control Company specialises in developing and using Integrated Avian Pest Management (IAPM) programmes that involve the use of non-lethal methods of bird control, i.e. biological control, and this is our main USP (unique selling proposition), and one that is appreciated in today’s “green” society.  In other words, our work is not to kill the birds, but to dislodge, exclude and relocate the problem species, causing as little distress to the birds as possible, while working to improve the health and safety of humans.

The Bird Control Company will help your staff gain positive PR and press coverage from our bird control operations.