The Bird Control Company recommends and uses Integrated Avian Pest Management (IAPM) programmes, and for a successful, efficient and effective bird control campaign, all of the strategies listed must be given due consideration, even though not all will be suitable for a specific area/species/problem;

Once our surveys have been conducted, we will consider all available and suitable methodologies and systems, and advise which combination would be best for your avian pest problem.

Bird spikes

Active Deterrents

  • Pyrotechnic Devices
  • Kites
  • Flashing Lights
  • Lasers (both mobile and fixed systems)
  • Noise Generators
  • Live Predators
  • Bio-acoustic Systems

Bird Scarers

Birth Control & Removal Of Nest Sites

  • Egg Oiling
  • Egg Substitution

Food And Water Reduction

Passive Deterrents


  • Spikes
  • Netting
  • Avishock
  • Daddi Long Legs
  • Chimney Protectors
  • Prickle Strips
  • Bristle Strips


Daddi long legs

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