Bird Control for Facilities Management

Pigeons, gulls and other bird pests present major problems for facilities managers.  Controlling these avian pests calls for a comprehensive understanding of the species, their behaviour and habits, and the techniques needed to solve such problems.  

The Bird Control Company has this knowledge, and the skills and experience necessary to implement effective measures to solve these issues.

Failure to control avian pest species can result in monetary loss, damage to structure and building, H&S issues and damage to the company’s reputation.

Large numbers of birds on buildings cause serious issues.  The birds’ faeces are unsightly and damaging to the fabric of buildings, and also a serious health hazard, with the birds’ droppings harbouring deadly diseases such as salmonella and ornithosis

Large, established pest bird populations increase the chances of disease and illness in the human population – staff, visitors, the general public etc. – in that area.

As a specialist provider of bird control services throughout the UK, and a proven track record of dealing with bird problems for facilities management divisions and companies, The Bird Control Company allows businesses to out-source the highly specialised services required for effective and ethical bird control.

We offer our clients an extremely experienced and knowledgeable team to deal with avian pest problems.  All our staff are highly trained and motivated, allowing them to deal with bird problems quickly and efficiently, using a range of methodologies in an Integrated Avian Pest Management (IAPM)  programme, designed specifically to address the specific issues problems at our clients' premises.

Public Relations

Bird control evokes a wide range of public opinion and emotions.  While some people consider that humans should actively encourage birds, others feel equally strongly that some birds are a nuisance and a potential health hazard, and that the bird population needs to be managed.

Our attention to detail and use of Integrated Avian Pest Management (IAPM) programmes ensures a high level of service which ticks all the ethical boxes – humane, non-lethal, legal, effective and efficient.

Our staff will help your company gain positive media coverage from our work on your premises.

How We Do It

Spikes or Avishock will prevent roosting on buildings, while our hawks will deter pest birds – gulls, pigeons, sparrows and starlings – from coming near the buildings, but without harming the pest species.

During construction or repair work, our hawks can prevent pest birds from holding up the job.  On completion, spikes and other anti-roost devices can be fitted, ensuring the area and building remain bird free.

The use of specially trained hawks is an extremely effective environmentally friendly, non-lethal, ethical option, and will enhance your business’ green credentials.

Why We Are The Best

We believe that every client deserves, and should demand, dedicated account management, and the manager should have regular face-to-face contact with client management, making regular visits to the client’s premises.  Our management is very hands-on, and our clients have direct, 24/7, access to senior management who have a full knowledge of the client’s requirements.  

Regular, scheduled meetings between The Bird Control Company management and relevant client management is one of our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  We believe that this helps ensure all components of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) are met throughout the contract.

Our Planning

Before embarking on any bird control work, we will carry out a full, detailed and comprehensive survey of the premises.  Once we have all the facts at our finger tips, we will develop the best and most efficient programme to address your specific requirements.

A comprehensive, detailed, bespoke and costed report will be presented to client management, allowing everyone to be involved in, and kept up-to-date with, the planned programme for bird control.

Method statements and risk assessments are presented to client management well in advance of any work being initiated.  

Our aim is always to work with you to provide solutions to your avian pest problems.

Why Bother?

Effective bird control is essential for meeting facilities management objectives including:

  • Compliance with legislation;
  • Prevention of litigation;
  • The wellbeing of staff, the general public and other stakeholders;
  • Protecting building fabric, assets and materials;
  • Preventing damage to I.T. and communication equipment etc.